Recent PhDs/Recent Defenses/Forthcoming Defenses

Giorgi Areshidze: “Competing Enlightenment Approaches to Religion and Toleration: Hobbes, Locke, Tocqueville and Rawls”
Advisor: Thomas Pangle

William Blake: “Judicial Independence in the American States”
Advisor: Dan Brinks/H.W. Perry

Luis Camacho-Solis: “The Political Origins of Support for Redistribution: Argentina and Peru in Comparative Perspective”
Advisor: Kurt Weyland

Austin Hart: “Campaigning for the Economic Vote: The Political Impact of Economic Rhetoric”
Advisor: Daron Shaw/Kurt Weyland

Jacqueline Hunsicker: “Critical Veneration and the Art of Constitutional Aspirationalism”
Advisor: Sanford Levinson

Hector Ibarra-Rueda: “Why Factions Matter: A Theory of Party Dominance at the Subnational Level”
Advisor: Ken Greene/Raul Madrid

William McCormick: “On the De Regno of St. Thomas Aquinas”
Advisor: J. Budziszewski

Jennifer McEwan: “Strategy of Reform: Courts, Politics, and Policy Reform in Texas”
Advisor: H.W. Perry

Dorothy Morgan: “A Spacial Econometric Approach to the Study of Social Influence”
Advisor: Tse-min Lin

Paula Munoz: “Political Marketing Meets Street Politics: An Informational Theory of Electoral Clientelism”
Advisor: Raul Madrid/Kurt Weyland

Daniel Nogueira-Budny: “From Marxist-Leninism to Market-Liberalism? The Varied Adaptation of Latin America’s Leftist Parties”
Advisor: Wendy Hunter/Kurt Weyland

Amanda Skuldt: “State Sponsored Terrorism? Leader Survival and the Foreign Policy of Fear”
Advisor: Ami Pedahzur/Peter Trubowitz

Kristin Wylie: “Strong Women, Weak Parties: Challenges to Democratic Representation in Brazil”
Advisor: Wendy Hunter