Spring and Summer 2014 PhD Defenses

Huseyin Alptekin: Explaining Ethnopolitical Mobilization: Ethnic Incorporation and Mobilization Patterns in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, and Beyond

Kody Cooper: Upon the Earth There Is Not Its Like…? Thomas Hobbes’ Natural Law Theory of Morality and Politics

Jeremy Fortier: Nietzche’s Political Ambition: His Case For and Against the Modern State

Carly Herold: Virtue and Irrationality in Republican Politics: Cicero’s Critique of Popular Philosophy

Byung-Jae Lee: The Causal Effects Of Transitional Justice On Human Rights

Pete Mohanty: Denizen Politics: A Comparative Analysis Of Opposition To Immigration In The European Union

Doaa’ El Nakhala: Walls and Fences: The Making of Good Neighbors?!

Ann Orsinger: Developing Democratic Civil Virtues Through Aesthetic Education And Design In Public Schools

Steven Pittz: The Free Spirit And Liberal Political Order

Laura Rabinowitz: Harmony of City and Soul: Plato and the Classical Virtue of Moderation

Gustavo Rivera: Campaign Advertising and Its Effects: The Case of Mexico

Rachel Sternfeld: Political Coalitions And Media Policy: A Study Of Egyptian Newspapers

Eric Svensen: Reconceptualizing Divided Government

Yuval Weber: Petropolitics And Foreign Policy: Fiscal And Institutional Origins And Patterns Of Russian Foreign Policy, 1964-2012