Spring and Summer 2016 PhD Defenses

Ayca Arkilic: Between The Homeland and Host States: Turkey’s Diaspora Policies and Immigrant Political Participation in France and Germany

Kyle Endres: Issue-Cross-Pressures and Campaign Effects: Connecting the Right Voters with the Right Message

John Graeber: Costly Citizenship: The Supply and Demand of Political Membership in Europe, 1970-2014

Josiah Marineau: Aiding Dependency: A Cross-National Analysis of Foreign Aid and Tax Compliance

Rachel Navarre: The Politics of Amnesty

Henry Pascoe: United Nations Conventions for the Suppression of Transnational Terrorism and International Security Cooperation

Matthew Rhodes-Purdy: Beyond The Balance Sheet: Performance, Participation And Regime Support In Latin America

Michelle Whyman: The Roots Of Legislative Durability: How Information, Deliberation, And Compromise Create Laws That Last

Michelle Wolfe: Problem Expansion And Solution Containment: News Coverage And The Climate Debate