Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 PhD Defenses

Jin Seok Bae: The Effect of Democratization on Election-Oriented Economic Policy: Evidence from South Korea

Joshua Blank: Anger and the Politics of Compromise

Danilo Contreras: Exit Over Voice in Dominican Ethnoracial Politics

Lewis Fallis: The Gods of the City: The Political Root of Piety in Plato’s Euthyphro and Laws

Ritta-Ilona Koivumaeki: Institutional Constraints on Economic Nationalism in Latin America

Jennifer Lamm: Jus Meritum: Alien Military Service and Naturalization in the United States

Jessica Price: We Will Not Be Quiet: Clientelism, Keystone Organizations, and the Dynamics of Protest in Indigenous Southern Mexico

JoBeth Shafran: Whirlpools of Information: Information Processing in Policy Subsystems 1995-2010

Kevin Stuart: The Person and Society: Rawls, Maritain, and the Concept of Personhood in Politics

Trey Thomas: Contagious Agendas: The Spread of Issue Attention in the Policy Process