Tom Pangle: Siemens Lecture, Chinese Translations

Tom Pangle, on July 12, delivered a public lecture before an overflow audience of about 250 at the Siemens Foundation in Munich, in the Foundation’s lecture series “The Future of Democracy.” Pangle’s was the final and wrap up lecture, entitled “What Makes the United States So Different?” Written essays based on the lectures will be published in 2018 in a volume (IN GERMAN) edited by the Director of the Siemens Foundation, Heinrich Meier; the volume will also be entitled The Future of Democracy.

Pangle’s Montesquieu’s Philosophy of Liberalism and Aristotle’s Teaching in the “Politics” have just been published in Chinese. Pangle’s next is forthcoming from University of Chicago Press … stay tuned.

In January of 2018 the University of Chicago Press will publish my book, The Socratic Way of Life: Xenophon’s MEMORABILIA. This will be the first-ever book length study and interpretation of the political theory elaborated in Xenophon’s masterwork.



Thomas L. Pangle
Joe R. Long Endowed Chair in Democratic Studies
Department of Government