Undergraduate Poster Presentations at the 2015 Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference

Olivia Arena. “Urbanization and Infrastructure: How Urban Population Change Affects Infrastructure Spending in Developing Countries.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Daniel Chapman. “Constituency Development Fund, or Campaign Development Fund?: A Look at the 2007 Kenyan Parliamentary Election.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Louchin Chi. “The Effects of Budget Support on Recipient Governments’ National Budgets and Development Goals.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Caroline Thomas. “Chinese Finance in Africa: The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Development Aid in sub-Saharan Africa.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Raymond Weyandt. “Dollars for Dissent: Foreign Aid and Nonviolent Conflict in Aid Recipient Countries.” Saturday, 9:45 am.