Update: Edward A. Clark Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies

It was a busy summer (or rather, winter) for the Clark Center. Graduate student Robert Shaffer spent six weeks in Australia, during which time he was a Visiting Scholar in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University. As part of his research into the law and politics of environmental regulation in Australia, Shaffer interviewed a number people from the public sector as well as civil society. He also collected original data concerning policy implementation and made valuable academic contacts, laying a strong foundation for further research towards his dissertation.

Center Director Rhonda Evans Case and graduate student Sean Fern spent three weeks in New Zealand as Program Visitors at the Victoria University of Wellington’s (VUW) Law Faculty, researching agenda-setting on the New Zealand Supreme Court. They enjoyed full access to the Court’s files and interviewed retired justices as well as current members of the Court. Evans Case and Fern presented their research at both the VUW and University of Auckland’s Law Faculties. They also experienced the 6.6 earthquake that struck Wellington on August 16. Unfortunately, no one told them in advance just how much well-engineered buildings are supposed to move in the course of such an event. In addition, Evans Case traveled to Australia, where she met with faculty and administrators at the University of Queensland and University of Adelaide in furtherance of ongoing collaborations. She also delivered a research presentation on the Australian Human Rights Commission at Monash University, and at a Fulbright Symposium on “Soft Power, Smart Power” in Canberra, Evans Case spoke about important ways in which research centers and exchange programs can partner to promote their respective objectives.