Zach Elkins: Rewrite the Second Amendment

Associate Professor Zach Elkins published an op-ed in today’s New York Times: Rewrite the Second Amendment.

Elkins argues that the constitution should be amended to replace the current ambiguity of the Second Amendment with something concrete that simultaneously safeguards gun ownership rights and public safety.

Elkins writes: “Opinion polls suggest that a majority recognize a right to bear arms, subject to reasonable regulations protecting public safety. This strong dual commitment, if clarified and entrenched in our Constitution, could reassure most, though not all, of us …┬áZealots will scoff, but many reasonable people would find reassurance in a revised Second Amendment that was properly balanced. Those who propose responsible limits, like background checks, would welcome constitutional support for common-sense safeguards. Those who worry about the slippery slope of encroachments on gun rights would find comfort in an explicit reassertion and reinforcement of the general right to bear arms.”