shutterstock_117731875The HBRT team has an extensive portfolio of federally funded research and training projects. With over 20 years of continued support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with other federal, state and local funding sources, their body of work encompasses all stages in the development of evidence-based behavioral interventions: conceptualization and design; epidemiological studies; randomized clinical trials testing feasibility and efficacy, dissemination studies; and, finally, taking research to practice through institutional training programs.

Some of the projects that HBRT investigators have directed or served as key collaborators on over the past two decades include:

Project: Tablet-based Intervention to Prevent Substance-exposed Pregnancy in Primary Care
Funder: NIH-NIAAA, R01 AA022924/ Date: 2015-2019
Mary M. Velasquez; Co-PI: Kirk von Sternberg

Project: Diversity Supplement: Tablet-based Intervention to Prevent Substance-exposed Pregnancy in Primary Care
Funder: NIH-NIAAA, R01 AA022924-03S1/ Date: 2017-2019
 Mercedes Hernandez; Parent Grant PI: Velasquez

Project: Reaching Healthcare Professionals to Prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
Funder: CDC, NU84DD000009 / Date: 2018-2022
PI:  Velasquez; Co-PI: von Sternberg

Project: Multidisciplinary Approach to Reduce Injury and Substance Abuse in Trauma Settings [Project TIP]
Funder: NIH-NIDA, R01 DA026088  /  Date: 2008-2015
PI:  Velasquez & Craig Field

Project: Improving FASD Prevention and Practice through National Partnerships
Funder: CDC, U84DD001147 / Date: 2014-2018
PI:  Velasquez; Co-PI: von Sternberg

Project: CHOICES Plus: A Preconception Approach to Reducing Alcohol & Tobacco-exposed Pregnancy
Funder: CDC, U84 DD000438  /  Date: 2008-2013
PI:  Velasquez; Co-PI: von Sternberg

Project: Multidisciplinary Approach to Reduce Injury & Alcohol Use
Funder: NIH-NIAAA, R01 AA015439  /  Date:  2006-2013
PI: Field; Co-investigators: Velasquez, von Sternberg

Project: How Does Motivational Interviewing Work? Mechanisms of Action in Project CHOICES
Funder: NIH-NIAAA, R01 AA015930  /  Date: 2006-2010
PI:  Karen Ingersoll  /  Subcontract PI: Velasquez

Project: A Transtheoretical Model Group Therapy for Cocaine
Funder: NIH-NIDA, R01 DA015453  /  Date: 2003-2007
PI:  Velasquez; Co-PI: von Sternberg

Project: Residency Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral for Treatment (SBIRT): Southeastern Consortium for Substance Abuse Training
Funder:  SAMHSA/Mercer College of Medicine  /  Date: 2008-2010
PI: J. Paul Seale  /  Subcontract PI: Velasquez

Project:  Intervention Training and Supervision for Screening and Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT)
Funder: SAMHSA/TX Dept. of State Health Services  /  Date: 2005-2009
PI:  Tamara Allen  /  Subcontract PI: Velasquez

Project: The Georgia TX Improving Brief Intervention Project
Funder:  NIH-NIAAA, R25 AA014915  /  Date: 2005-2008
PI: J. Paul Seale  /  Subcontract PI: Velasquez

Project: Smoking Relapse Prevention among Postpartum Women
Funder:  NIH-NCI, R01 CA9350  /  Date: 2002-2007
PI:  David Wetter  /  Subcontract PI: Velasquez

Project:  Project CHOICES: A Randomized Clinical Trial for Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome among High-Risk Women
Funder:  CDC, U84 CCU614576  /  Date: 2000-2004
PI: Velasquez

Project: STD Testing in Young Women, a Stage-Based Approach
Funder: NIH-NIAID, R01 A1047341  /  Date: 2001-2005
PI:  Mariam Chacko  /  Subcontract PI: Velasquez

Project: Preventing Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy after a Jail Term
Funder:  NIH-NIAAA, R01 AA12514  /  Date: 1999-2005
PI: Patricia Mullen

Project: Secondary Prevention among HIV Positive Alcohol Abusers
Funder:  NIH-NIAAA, R01 AA011808 /  Date: 1997-2003
PI: Jeffrey Parsons  /  Subcontract PI: Velasquez

Project: Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies among High-Risk Women
Funder: CDC  /  Date: 1997-2000
PI: Mullen  /  Subcontract PI: Velasquez

Project: Matching Patients to Alcoholism Treatments [Project MATCH]
Funder: NIH-NIAAA, U10 A008432  /  Date: 1989-1996
PI: Carlo DiClemente

HBRT Affiliated Faculty

Yessenia Castro, PhD

Project: Assessing smoking dependence among Spanish-speaking Latino smokers
Funder: NIH-NIMHD, R21 MD011431 /  Date: 2017-2019
PI: Castro

Project: Developing a Culturally Relevant Model of Smoking Cessation among Latinos
Funder: NIH-NCI, K01 CA157689 /  Date: 2011-2016
PI: Castro

Project: Culturally Adapted Brief Motivational Intervention for Heavy Drinking Latinos
Funder: Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)  /  Date: 2014-2016
PI: Craig Field / Subcontract PI: Castro

Mercedes Hernandez, PhD, LCSW

Project: Diversity Supplement: Tablet-based Intervention to Prevent Substance-exposed Pregnancy in Primary Care
Funder: NIH-NIAAA,  R01 AA-022924/ Date: 2017-2019
Hernandez / Parent Grant PI:  Velasquez