Texas Center for Health Outcomes Research and Education

TxCORE (formerly the Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies) is comprised of faculty and researchers with skills in health outcomes research, pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology, public health, patient health behavior, and clinical practice. Our mission is to be a leader in addressing population and individual patient health through innovative, high-quality research and education, and to serve our community by responding to critical health care issues that impact patients’ daily lives.

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TxCORE Objectives: Innovate, Improve, and Inform


          ♦ To conduct innovative, high-quality research in health outcomes, pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology, public health, and patient                                     health behavior


          ♦ To improve individual patient health by providing evidence for optimal prevention and patient-centered treatment strategies

          ♦ To improve population health by impacting practice and policies governing health care locally, nationally, and internationally


          ♦ To translate research findings into ‘real-world’ solutions and disseminate findings to scientific, health care, and community                                             stakeholders

          ♦ To educate, train, and mentor the future generation of scientists, educators, and providers to promote the delivery of high-quality                                 care and information to diverse populations

          ♦ To provide educational opportunities for our community that are focused on appropriate medication use and healthy living




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