Fall 2023 schedule

History of Science, Technology, the Environment, and Medicine Colloquium, Fall 2023

All events will be held in GAR 4.100 and will begin at 12:00 noon unless otherwise noted.

1 Sept. (Fri.): Roundtable discussion of Christopher Nolan’s film “Oppenheimer,” with Bruce Hunt, Megan Raby, Mark Ravina, and David Conrad (all UT)

15 Sept. (Fri., 2:00 pm): IHS Roundtable: “Overallocated and Unsettled: Critical Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of the Colorado River,” with Andrew Curley (University of Arizona), Teresa Montoya (University of Chicago), and Traci Brynne Voyles (North Carolina State University), moderated by Erika Bsumek (UT)

22 Sept. (Fri.): Alyssa Peterson (UT), “‘To be Discovered or Distinguisht by the Taste’: Taste as Expertise in Eighteenth-Century Science”

2 Oct. (Mon.): IHS workshop: Josh Frens-String (UT), “American Nitrogen: Imagining a Pan-American Fertilizer Frontier from the US to Chile”

6 Oct. (Fri.): Raymond Hyser (UT), “What’s a Forest to a Jungle?: Tropical Forestry in British Ceylon’s Coffee Culture”

16 Oct. (Mon.): IHS book talk: Seth Garfield (UT), on Guaraná: How Brazil Embraced the World’s Most Caffeine-Rich Plant

20 Oct. (Fri.) Atar David (UT), “Date Palms and the Roots of Modern Monoculture”

17 Nov. (Fri.): Diana Heredia (UT), “Imperfect Roads to Color: Mapping Dye Prospecting in 16th-Century Spanish America”