Spring 2023 schedule

History of Science, Technology, the Environment, and Medicine Colloquium, Spring 2023

Feb. 6 (Monday), IHS Roundtable: “Enlightenment and the Geopolitics of Knowledge,” with Jorge Canizares, Miruna Achim, Jimena Canales, Kapil Raj, and Simon Schaffer, 12:00 pm, GAR 4.100 and Zoom livestream

Feb. 10 (Friday) Emma Pask, University of Chicago, “Scientists on the Range: Ecological Fieldwork’s Place in Texas,” 12:00 pm, GAR 4.100

Feb. 13 (Monday), IHS workshop: Alberto Martinez, UT, “Einstein in World War I: How He Loved the Wrong Woman, Suffered a Fugitive Soldier, and Helped an Assassin,” 12:00 pm, GAR 4.100 and Zoom livestream

Feb. 16 (Thurs.), BIES talk: Keith Francis, Arete Education, “Darwin,” 12:00 pm, Zoom livestream

Feb. 20 (Monday), IHS workshop: Christopher Heaney, Penn State, “Whose Decolonization? The Collection of Andean Ancestors and the Silences of American History,” 12:00 pm, GAR 4.100 and Zoom livestream

Feb. 23–24 (Thursday and Friday), LLILAS conference: “A Water-Centered Perspective on Latin America,” 9:00 am, Eastwoods Room, Texas Union Building (UNB 2.102)

March 1 (Wednesday), IHS book talk: Erika Bsumek, UT, “The Foundations of Glen Canyon Dam: Infrastructures of Dispossession on the Colorado Plateau,” 12:00 pm, GAR 4.100 and Zoom livestream

March 3 (Friday): John Lisle, UT, book launch event for Dirty Tricks Department, 12:00 pm, GAR 4.100

March 6 (Monday), IHS talk: Emma Griffin, University of East Anglia, “Empires, Environment and Industrial Revolutions in Nineteenth-Century Europe,” 12:00 pm, GAR 4.100 and Zoom livestream

March 6 (Monday), Health Humanities talk: Stephen Casper, Clarkson University, “Punch Drunk Slugnuts: A Cultural History of Violence, Stigma, Sport, and Concussion,” 4:00 pm, Multipurpose Room 207C, San Jacinto Residence Hall, 309 E. 21st Street and Zoom livestream

March 24 (Friday): Jan Todd, UT, “The Scientist and the Strongman: John Theophilus Desaguliers, Thomas Topham, and the Early Search for the Limits of Human Strength,”12:00 pm, GAR 4.100

March 29 (Wednesday): Frank Uekötter, Birmingham University, “The Rise and Decline of Florida Citrus and the Global History of Monoculture,” 12:00 pm, GAR 1.102

March 31-April 1 (Friday-Saturday): 49th Annual Ancient Philosophy Workshop, 9:45 am-5:30 pm, WAG 316.

April 1 (Saturday), Lone Star Historians of Science meeting: Luis Campos, Rice University, “Blue Vegetation on the Red Planet: Soviet Astrobotany and Early Earth Analogues,” 4:00 pm, GAR 1.102

April 7 (Friday): Pablo Gomez, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Body Arithmetic: Facts, Quantification, and the Human in the Seventeenth Century Black Atlantic,” 12:00 pm, GAR 4.100

April 18 (Tuesday), IHS panel: “Radio and Resistance in Historical Reflection,” with Judith Coffin, Isabel Huacuja Alonso, Rebecca Johnston, and Mark Pomar, 3:30 pm, GAR 4.100 and Zoom livestream