Summer Reading Series: Collected Resources

By Dr. Sarah Ropp

This is the twelfth, and last, entry in our dialogic pedagogies summer reading series! Rather than read a new text for this final post, I have chosen to collect together all of the original resources I have created from these texts over the past eleven weeks, for easy reference in the future. Below, find a link to each blog post from the series as well as links to any related resources. Refer back to the full posts for explanations of the resources and suggestions for how to use each resource in practice. 

I’ve also included a link to my own website, where I have linked (almost) all of the original resources I have created for Difficult Dialogues over the past two years of serving as the Program Coordinator (including the ones from this series). I will continue to add new resources to my website as I create them. 

Finally, I include a list of what I’m planning to read next! 

Summer Reading Series Summary

Post: Stop Talking: Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning

Resource: Activity: Responding to Alaska Native Discourse Values

Post: How to Have Impossible Conversations

Resource: Activity: The Unread Library Effect

Post: Creating Space for Democracy

Resource: 9 Models for Dialogue (updated) 

Post: Teaching Through Challenges to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Resource: Activity: Don’t Let the Fascists Speak: A Dialogue on Speech, Silence, and Safety

Post: Teaching to Transgress

Resource: Activity: A Dialogue with the Self

Post: So You Want to Talk About Race

Resource: Ijeoma Oluo’s Rules of Engagement for Conversations about Race 

Post: Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies for Teaching Social Comprehension

Resources: 3 interrelated activities: “Where I’m From” poems + Fish Is Fish: Exploring Limitations in Perspective + My News 

Post: How to Talk About Hot Topics on Campus

Resources: 8 Kinds of Believers Likely to Appear in the Classroom + 5 Common Attitudes towards Social Class Identity + A How-To Guide to Moral Conversations 

Post: Intergroup Dialogues

Resource: Activity: How I Got Here: A Testimonial 

Post: Democratic Dialogue in Education: Troubling Speech, Disturbing Silence

Resources: Why Silence? Reasons We Choose Not to Talk + Why Speech? Reasons We Choose to Talk

Post: It’s Time to Talk (and Listen)

Resource: Activity: Values Awareness and Alignment with the Johari Window

Additional Original Resources

Feel free to bookmark my “Resources for Dialogue” page ( Here, I compile all of the dialogic pedagogy resources I’ve created over the past couple of years, organized into three main categories: Preparing for Dialogue, Assessing Dialogue, and Dialogue Activities and Ideas. I’ll continue to update this page with new resources as I create them.  

Further Reading

Below are the pedagogical texts currently on my shelf, waiting to be read next! I’ve listed them in the order I plan to read them. Completely coincidentally, there are precisely twelve of them — I wish I could do another round of this dialogic pedagogy series with these books. Alas! Thanks to Tonia Guida and Patricia Wilson for their recommendations. I am always open to more! 


Thank You!

Finally, thanks so much for reading this summer. Whether you followed along with each post week to week, have read a couple posts here and there, or are just now checking out some of the resources linked to this post, I am honored by your attention. Thanks to those who have shared comments and feedback, publicly and privately. Please continue letting me know what you think about the ideas I highlight from these texts as well as the resources I’ve made. If you use any of these resources with your classes, I’d love to hear how it goes! I take full responsibility for any errors I’ve made in understanding and applying the concepts contained in these texts, and give thanks to all of the authors for sharing their ideas. 


With gratitude,


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