Write for Our Blog

Would you like to contribute to our blog? Please email your pitch, including details on your relationship to the material, to ccallahan@utexas.edu. We consider proposals from anyone interested in continuing the conversation, and especially welcome contributions from the following people:

  • members of the public, students, faculty, and university affiliates interested in and knowledgeable on the topic of an upcoming event or program;
  • a participant in one of our current programs;
  • individuals who recently attended one of our lectures, workshops, or screenings and who would like to share their response with the public;
  • a member of the public who has been involved with an issue central to one of our current or past programs or events; and,
  • citizens and emerging or established scholars who would like to share their thoughts on what it means to be involved in the public humanities, what they’ve learned from the public humanities, and how to become a public intellectual.

We are delighted to consider a contribution on any topic; however, we pay particular attention to contributions that address the following:

  • subjects related to one of our past or upcoming Controversy & Conversation film screenings;
  • projects in the medical/health humanities or reflections on the current state and future of the medical humanities at the University of Texas, state-wide, nationally, and globally;
  • projects in the public humanities or reflections on the public role of the humanities;
  • subjects related to one of our recent or upcoming lectures or events;
  • community projects or initiatives of interest to the humanities;
  • new or existing interdisciplinary collaborations or collaborations between the university and community organizations in Central Texas;
  • research in-progress that you would like to share with your peers and colleagues;
  • found something cool that you want to share with your peers and colleagues? Let us know!

We welcome your contributions, and also encourage you to share your comments on any of our blog posts!

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