Technical Reports

Domestic Violence

  • Statewide Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence in Texas 2011 (PDF)
  • The 34th Judicial District Attorney Takes on Family Violence Crime: An Evaluation of the 24 Hour Contact Initiative (PDF)

Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking by the Numbers: The Initial Benchmark of Prevalence and Economic Impact for Texas 2016 (PDF)
  • Survivors Speak Out: A Research Study on Human Trafficking Victims 2009 (PDF)
  • Evaluation of Central Texas Coalition against Human Trafficking 2007 (PDF)
  • Understanding Human Trafficking: Development of Typologies of Human Traffickers Phase I (PDF)
  • In Brief – Understanding Human Trafficking: Development of Typologies of Traffickers Phase II (PDF)
  • A Passionate Practice: Addressing the Needs of Commercially Sexually Exploited Teenagers (PDF)
  • Human Trafficking in Texas – A Statewide Evaluation of Existing Laws and Services (PDF)

Resiliency in Service Providers

  • A Gecko’s Guide to Building Resiliency in Child Abuse Staff and Volunteers (PDF)
  • Study on need for self-care programs in Texas (PDF)

Sexual Assault

  • Health and Well-Being: Statewide Sexual Assault Prevalence Study, Final Report (August 2015) (PDF).
  • How to Notify Victims about Sexual Assault Kit Evidence: Insight and Recommendations from Victims and Professionals (PDF)
  • Key Components of Building a Successful Victim Notification Protocol (PDF)
  • Does the Justice Advocate Position Enhance Sex Crimes Investigations? (PDF)
  • Sexual Assault Victims’ Experiences of Notification after a CODIS Hit (PDF)
  • Non-Report Sexual Assault Evidence Program: Forging New Victim-Centered Practices in Texas June 2011 (PDF)
  • Sexual Assault Needs Assessment in Texas: Documenting Existing Conditions and Striving Toward Preferred Outcomes (PDF)
  • Statewide Prevalence Study of Sexual Assault in Texas (PDF)
  • Outcome Measures for Sexual Assault Services in Texas (August 2003) (PDF)

Sexually Oriented Businesses

  • An Assessment of the Adult Entertainment Industry in Texas: Executive Summary March 2009 (PDF)
  • An Assessment of the Adult Entertainment Industry in Texas Final Report March 2009 (PDF)

Teen Dating Violence

  • An Evaluation of the Texas Team’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Toolkit (PDF)
  • Evaluation of the Dating Violence Prevention Project: The Use of Theatre as an Educational Tool – Final Report (DOC)

Violence Against Women and Forced Migration

  • Unsettled Integration: Pre- and Post-Migration Factors in Congolese Refugee Women’s Resettlement Experiences in the United States (LINK)
  • The Continuity of Risk: A three-city study of Congolese women-at-risk resettled in the U.S. (PDF)