CLASE Cohort Study

As part of the Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments (CLASE) project, IDVSA will be launching the four-year CLASE Cohort study in Fall of 2016. While the CLASE project investigates the experience of students across the University of Texas System, the Cohort Study will take place only at UT Austin. The aim is to learn more about students’ experiences with sexual harassment, stalking, dating and domestic violence, and unwanted sexual contact throughout their college tenure.

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The Cohort Study is one of the most innovative aspects of CLASE. It will involve 1200 freshman students that volunteer to participate over their college careers. Research activities will include a web-based repeated measure administered once per semester from Fall 2016 to Spring 2020. The longitudinal nature of the Cohort Study will provide a clearer understanding of trends in students’ experiences over time, and of the long-term effects of victimization on student well-being, mental health, and academic success.


Noël Busch-Armendariz, PhD, LMSW, MPA BIO

Leila Wood, PhD, LMSW BIO

Matt Kammer-Kerwick, PhD BIO

Caitlin Sulley, LMSW BIO

Sharon Hoefer, MSSW BIO

Alexander Wang, MS BIO

T’Shana McClain, MSW BIO