Valero Energy Tech Talk w/ IEEE PES

Come attend our virtual tech talk with Valero Energy. The Tech Talk will go over the basics of Power Systems Operations in industrial plants (i.e. Refineries and Chemical Plants). They will talk about the basic skills young engineers need to be successful at operating industrial power systems and how these skills are derived from classes taught at UT, like EE302. The Tech Talk will be geared more so for those on the Energy Systems and IC technical core courses, but anyone is welcome to join/can relate to the topics that will be taught.  And you’ll get a chance to ask them questions.

Date: September 23, 2020

Time: 7-8 pm

RSVP Link: (Has the zoom meeting ID)

IEEE PES Fall 2020 Officers

Here are the new officers of IEEE PES for the upcoming school year! We hope to make IEEE PES the best in this upcoming school year with more projects, company events, social events, and many more.

    • President: Jeffrey Liew
    • Vice President: Austin Tsao
    • Publicity Manager: Nisha Gowda
    • Corporate Liason: Jefferson Ortiz
    • Treasurer: Logan Winger
    • Secretary/Web Manager: Jezryll Garcia
    • Projects Manager: Umar Burney

IEEE PES Fall 2020 Officer Recruitment

Hey all!

IEEE Power and Energy Society is looking for motivated individuals to join our team for the Fall 2020 Semester! If you are interested in gaining leadership experience, lots of company exposure, and a ton of awesome insight into the world of power and energy, please fill out the form below!

The roles we’re recruiting for are as follows:

Vice President– In charge of internal events, including social planning and other extracurriculars (such as conferences)

Corporate Liaison-In charge of partnering with companies to bring speakers to our meetings and funding to the org.

Treasurer– Manages and budgets funding, tracks spending, makes purchases on behalf of the org.

Publicity Manager– In charge of correspondence with members.

Project Manager– Oversees the development of projects and outreach events within PES.

Secretary– Manages interactions with the Student Engineering Council, records events, and ensures that the IEEE PES Constitution is updated and upheld.

Please fill out the form if you are interested in any of these roles and we will get back to you soon!

IEEE PES Fall 2020 Officer Application

IEEE PES Spring 2020 COVID-19 Updates

Hello all,

In accordance to University of Texas at Austin policies and updates regarding COVID-19, all remaining general meetings, project meetings,  socials, corporate events, and tours such as the UT Power Plant Tour and the Pickle Center for Electromechanics Tour have all been cancelled for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. We will let you all know immediately should any changes from this plan occur.

We wish you all have a safe and healthy semester and we thank you all so much for your engagement with PES thus far! We will be back in the Fall semester with new programs and updates to the Power and Energy Society! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at!


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