Higher Education Customer Service Survey

Higher Education Customer Service allows an institution to provide comparisons between what the institution sees as its accomplishments and the perceptions of others that have an interest or “stake” in or who are patrons of a certain unit of the institution. Information is gathered to gain customer preference or evaluation of service quality, insight into the institution’s strengths and weaknesses, and the identification on ways to improve.

The Higher Education Customer Service Survey                                                                              has been used by several institutions of Higher Education including the University of Texas at Austin.

Data are grouped into dimensions that provide a framework for understanding customer satisfaction for your institution.
Full-Color Reports include numerical and graphical data with related narrative, description of the data measures, at-a-glance overall scores, dimension scores, a detailed item summary page, verbatim comments, and over time comparison data.

The survey’s customization options include the ability to ask agency/unit-specific questions; gather agency/unit-specific demographics; and survey different units at different periods of the academic year. The unit data is compiled to create institution-specific benchmarks.
The Thought Bubble Comment Handing System in an optional, additional feature that provides you with instant access to comments, and helps to keep responses to customers timely and organized.

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