Welcome to the Index for Volunteer Engagement (IVE). The IVE is based upon extensive research conducted at The University of Texas at Austin by the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Engagement and focuses on the associated key drivers. Research confirms that there are several key drivers in organizations that effectively engage the community.

Inside this report, you will find many tools to assist you in understanding your community engagement practices. The first indication of engagement will be the responses provided by the staff, board members, and volunteers to assess the community engagement practices. From there, we share the overall score for the organization computed by averaging responses to all of the survey items. You will also find a specific breakdown for each of the indicators within each characteristic, as well as suggestions for ways to continuously improve the organization’s practices.

Additionally, the report provides a thumb-nail sketch of the organization based on the demographic, financial, and organizational information shared with us. This information, as well as the overall report, will be kept in our computer system so that you can monitor your practices over time as you continue to enhance and advance your community engagement practices, should you select to re-take the IVE.

This report represents aggregate data, but some organizations may want further information. For example, with these findings in mind, you may want to assess other organizations’ practices as you continue to improve upon your own.

Volunteers may not be the silver bullet to organizational effectiveness, but without a sound strategy to engage the community, you are significantly less likely to achieve your mission and advance your vision. The IVE provides a baseline to gauge your current stewardship of the resources available to you through your active engagement of the community.