Texas Department of Public Safety – Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Noel Landuyt, PhD Associate Director
Josh Cuddy, Graduate Research Assistant
Nawal Traish, Graduate Research Assistant
Yahaira P. Morales Castro, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Nicole Duson, Database Coordinator

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Project Categories/Tags:
Customer Service, Public Safety, Driver License, Customer Satisfaction

This ongoing survey aims to assess the level of service satisfaction experienced by customers of

Texas DPS Driver License Division. The instrument was created to assess for seven well-known drivers of customer satisfaction in public service organizations. The drivers of customer satisfaction include: staff, fairness, time, processes, trust, outcome, and overall satisfaction. The survey data was analyzed and key findings presented for statewide results, regional results (Regions 1A through 6B), and specific services: New Driver License, Commercial Driver License, In-Person Service, and the Customer Service Center. The survey also examines the impact of the ITTD (Impact Texas Teen Drivers) program, which is meant to educate young drivers about the dangers of distraction while behind the wheel. Finally, the survey aims to assess the impact of two new Driver License Mega Centers which were developed to improve service efficiency and decrease wait times.

Key Findings:

  • Mega centers continue to produce higher levels of customer satisfaction when compared to other Driver License offices in the regions.
  • Customers consistently rated low wait time as the biggest driver of satisfaction; when wait time was high, customers’ overall satisfaction dropped significantly.
  • Customers are generally willing to wait up to 30 minutes before wait time negatively affects overall satisfaction score.
  • Over 80% of customers were either satisfied or very satisfied. Close to half of customers (48.6%) rated their experience as “Excellent.”