New paper on quantifying dynamic interactions

This paper explores combining point-based and path-based dynamic interaction metrics to explore whether movement differences associated with proximity can be detected. Differences in simulated trajectories for ovement parameters ranging from step length and relative angle to more complex parameters such as persistence index were tested. Movement was often different for simulated ‘leader’ and ‘follower’ trajectories, and different interaction-related movement behaviors were explored using data on black-backed jackals in Etosha National Park.

Analyzing interactions between brown hyenas in N. Botswana

image350This project originated as an exploratory study to see how GIScience concepts and methods can be used to analyze and understand movement of and interactions between brown hyenas in Northern Botswana. Correlated random walks were used as a ’null model’ to study movement patterns and interaction rates and several different dynamic interaction metrics were compared. This work was recently published in Transactions in GIS and was supported by a UT Vice President of Research Grant.


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