Jazz Drumming

In addition to my work as a professor, I am a jazz drummer. I perform with my own trio, known as The Botolph Jazz Trio and also with the John Groves Trio. I have performed for years in the Austin area and also have played at venues as far away as Tokyo. I’m a great fan of Canopus drums, which I think are the best sounding and most well-made drums on the planet. I have a Neo Vintage set in gold sparkle that is amazing. I also own a George Way drum set that runs a pretty close second to the Canopus drums.

Wedding gig from a few years ago.

For cymbals, I am an endorser for Artcymbal, made by Manabu Yamamoto. These are some of the most beautiful cymbals I have played. They are remarkably musical and are just about perfect for jazz in the trio format.

My recent CD is called This I Dig and is available wherever one downloads music. Our style is along the West Coast approach to jazz and we have been at times likened to the Vince Guaraldi Trio, which is a great complement. I think our sound is different, but the influence is clearly evident.

You can hear samples of our CD on youtube. Just click on the image of our album cover below.

Our latest CD