Completed course

Building engineering

System & Occupant

Performance of advanced building system (CMU)
Mechanical electrical system design (CMU)
Productivity, health & the quality of buildings (CMU)
Post occupancy evaluation of buildings (CMU)
HVAC system design (IIT)
Illumination and acoustics (IIT)
Electrical electronic circuits (IIT)
Plumbing/fire protection design (IIT)
Building enclosure design (IIT)
Energy system analysis (IIT)
Building science (HYU)

Simulation & Control

Modeling air-flow in buildings (UT)
Energy simulation in building design (UT)
Energy management systems (UT)
Building performance modeling (CMU)
Building control & diagnostics (CMU)
Applied computational fluid dynamics (CMU)

Data science

Programming & statistics

Fundamental statistics (UT)
Empirical method for public policy (CMU)
Principles of computing (CMU)
Introductions to computer programming (HYU)

Machine learning

Smart buildings and cities (UT)
Data-driven building energy management (CMU)
Applied machine learning (CMU)
Machine learning (CMU)


Data acquisition (CMU)
Sensing and data mining (CMU)

Other disciplines


Building information modeling (CMU)
Construction method & cost estimation (IIT)
Construction planning & scheduling (IIT)
Materials of construction (HYU)
Intro to engineering drawing (HYU)


Structural analysis 1 (HYU)
Structural design 1 (HYU)
Structural design 2 (IIT)


LEED buildings green design (CMU) 
Architectural studio - 4 yrs in undergrad (HYU & IIT)
Capstone senior design (IIT)
History of world architecture (HYU)
Intro to AutoCAD draw design (HYU)


Teaching engineering (UT)
Assessment and curriculum design (UT)
Teaching engineering practicum (UT)