Undergraduate students are amazing! I enjoy discussing with students about their intellectual inquiries. Subsequently, I guide students regarding research framing and finding educational resources. Through this mentorship, I learn supervising and management skill for a research project. Often, this mentoring service results in scientific papers, research posters, and help with my research project.

Current students

Alessandra Guerini, exchange student from Univ. of Brescia, current
Project: Building simulations for occupant centered control

Kingsley Nweye, M.S. in Civil Engineering, current
Project: Occupant feedback system development for HVACLearn

Sepehr Bastami, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, current 
Project: Hardware design and implementation for HVACLearn

Former students

Edward Mbata, B.S. in Architectural Engineering, 2019
Project: Capture & recapture method for estimating building occupancy

Jacob Wright, B.S. in Environmental Engineering, 2019 
Project: Data analysis for indoor thermal environment

Ben Simon, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, 2018 
Project: Inferring space occupancy by Bluetooth signal tracking  

Ritvik Annam, B.S. in Computer Science, 2018 
Project: Constructing a database for building automation systems

Xiya Yang, exchange student from NUS, 2018 
Project: Clustering analysis for electricity meter data 

Mathias Hanssen, B.S. in Architectural Engineering, 2018 
Project: Travel demand estimation using Bluetooth signal tracking 

Hagen Fritz, M.S. in Environmental Engineering, 2017
Project: Occupant behavior modeling for LightLearn  

Thomas Dougherty, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2017
Project: Hardware design and implementation for LightLearn 

Raghuveer Achukola, B.S. in Mathematics, 2017 
Project: Constructing a database for electricity metering 

Sara Kingman, B.S. in Architectural Engineering, 2016 
Project: Energy auditing for UT-Austin campus buildings