When instructors shape supportive learning environments, students become active learners. The following three components are integrated into my teaching portfolio to enable supportive classroom environments: 1) lecturing relevant engineering theories precisely, 2) linking theories with practicality & applied research projects, and 3) providing active learning environments for students.


Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education
Director: Prof. Maura Borrego

This certificate program is designed for graduate students interested in pursuing engineering faculty positions. Students are prepared for the instructional aspects of a faculty career and increase their competitiveness for faculty jobs. Courses are active, discussion-based and focused on applying research on learning to the engineering pedagogy.

Certificate Requirements (16 credits total)

- Teaching Engineering (3 credit)
- Curriculum Design and Assessment in Engineering (3 credit)
- Elective in education or engineering education (3 credit)
- Teaching Practicum (6 credit)
- Teaching Portfolio Prep (1 credit)


Building Environmental Systems: UT undergraduate course, Spring 2019
Instructor: Prof. Atila Novoselac 

Role: Guest lecturer (2 weeks)

- Lectured on Cyber-physical system for smart building
- Lectured on electric circuit fundamentals
- Demonstrated Arduino gadgets (Alarming system for indoor illuminance level)
Smart Building and Cities: UT graduate course, Fall 2018
Instructor: Prof. Zoltan Nagy 

Role: Teaching Assistant (whole semester) 

- Developed teaching modules (Jupyter notebook) for teaching machine learning for Civil engineering students  
- Developed a competition based game as active learning and assessment method 
- Lectured on Python based machine learning programming (1.5hr / week) 
- Prepared and grading homework and exams  
- Held office hours for answering questions and mentoring
Building Controls and Diagnostics: CMU graduate course, Spring 2016
Instructor: Prof. Khee Poh Lam

Role: Guest lecturer (2 weeks)

- Lectured on how to use NEAT cart (IEQ measurement toolkit) 
- Lectured on post occupancy evaluation procedure for measuring building performance


- S. Seraj, J.Y. Park, and M. Pieratt, "Teaching Engineering Ethics in the Classroom through a Town Hall Meeting Activity", ASEE Gulf-Southwest Section 2018 Annual Conference, Austin TX, April, 2018 
- J.Y. Park and Z. Nagy, "A competition based game activity for educating machine learning in Civil engineering course", 2019 ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering, Atlanta GA, June, 2019