The Potastic Saint of Santa Chiara–Pricilla, June 2013

As the mob chosen patron Saint of Potatoes, I would like to give an overview of Italy’s potastic traditions in potato cooking. Yes, I just made that word up. Deserves to be in a dictionary now.

I have to start off with applauding the Italians for their diverse use of vegetables and dishes in general. America doesn’t do well with veggies– salads not included. Italians do have to work on their pork dishes. Slices of pork with different sauces is not considered a dish in my eyes! Get to it Italians!

Anyways, back to the wonders of potatoes. Santa Chiara has made a few potato dishes so far, and no I do not include the french fries. My favorite is the potato lasagna. I never would of thought of making something like that (an embarrassment I’m sure as the Patron of Potatoes).  It is egg and slices of potato stacked on top of each other. I don’t think it necessarily has to be egg though. Zucchini and potato lasagna? I wouldn’t mind trying it. Also fried potatoes, which unlike in the States is actually just cooked potato squares. I learned that the first day I was in Italy. Surprise surprise. Italians add herbs on top of them so they taste delicious! Baked sweet potato with a mix of herbs is really good too, but I don’t think Italians use sweet potato. I haven’t seen it used.

Another potato dish is gnocchi. Gnocchi is sort of like a mini dumpling filled with potato. I believe it would’ve been one of my favorite dishes IF I didn’t eat it the first time as a microwaveable dish at a restaurant. Be warned! Some cafes, after the lunch hour, do not serve fresh food! :(  Lesson learned.

Potato gnocchi

The other Italian potato delicacy that will forever be cradled in my small heart is potato pizza!!! So simple, why hadn’t I thought of it before? Probably because I don’t know how to make pizza. It is only slices of potato semi overlapping one another and some herbs on top. Very yummy but beware! Always eat with a drink! You can get quite parched eating it.

Potato pizza

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