Final Blog Post!–Stephanie, July 2, 2013

What a week! Our group had its final presentation on the Church of Saint Stephen, we had our final art show and now it’s time to pack. Yesterday I got to watch the sunrise at Santa Chiara after working through the night in the art studio with Pricilla, Thomas and Phillip. I was sleepy and needed a shower, but seeing the orangey pink above the mountains in the chilly courtyard was a very sweet moment to come right at the end of our trip.

The sunrise from the Santa Chiara courtyard

For our final studio project, we were asked to produce a 2’x3’ piece of art. I decided to make a small paper card for each of the 42 days we spent in Learning Tuscany and paint a memory from each day on the cards. Thinking back to the events of each day was a lot of fun. I painted little scenes of my new friends and I having dinner, views of cities and countrysides, and moments like a bug falling from the ceiling onto my computer during another late studio night. For the final show, my 2’x3’ was all of the cards in chronological order in a calendar formation on the wall. It was awesome to hear people say they remembered seeing something that I had drawn and to compare when different events had happened by seeing them all at once. Learning, painting and drawing in Tuscany gave me something I couldn’t have found any other way. I can see how my own art has changed thanks to experiencing new perspectives and influences in Italy and I’m looking forward to taking it all home with me.

Stephanie in front of her final piece.

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