Goodnight–Noel, July 2, 2017

If it’s alright with you, after dinner, I think I’m going to spend the rest of the night by myself. It is nothing against you or anything- I just know that I need to spend some time by myself. I digest so much art, so much sound, so much color, so many shapes. What once felt refreshing as fountains on a hot day now is making my skin pruney and my eyes heavy. So I will have this night for myself.

Noel 1

Maybe I’ll be in Piazza Navona in Rome drawing people who pass by. Or maybe I’ll be in that large park behind the Arezzo Duomo eating a “chickenburger”. Or maybe I’ll get lost somewhere in Venice, listening to the Akira Wakabayashi’s piano rendition of the Nutcracker score. I don’t want anyone knowing where I’m at for these couple of hours so I can feel peacefully alone.

Noel 3

Noel 4

Tomorrow I promise to be amicable, to be bright, to be active. Tomorrow we can check out the cool restaurant we passed by earlier today in Rome or find that bookstore in Florence that sells English-language books. Just give me tonight to be still.

Noel 2

Attached are the places I spent happily by myself. Even if I’m in a new country with a new culture and a new language, I’m happy that I can make once unknown places suddenly feel like home.

 I’ll see you tomorrow, goodnight.

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