Orvieto–Alyssa, June 25, 2017

Orvieto was exactly what I expected a small, Italian town would be like. Walking through the winding streets felt as if I was transported to the middle ages. Lots of little paths lined with shops led up to the beautiful cathedral. Of all the marvelous, awe inspiring churches and cathedrals we saw during our travels, Orvieto Cathedral was my favorite. It stood out to me as unique and intricate. The facade stopped me in my tracks. There were so many minuscule details that kept me looking and exploring. I loved the little gold tiles interweaved with red and white ones. There is no detail over looked.

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The inside in contrast is very sparse with the exception of the chapels. This year, in one of my classes, I researched the conservation funding of cultural heritage in Italy. As part of this research I learned about the Signorelli frescos in the Orvieto Cathedral. They were absolutely stunning and made me consider what I had learned about their restoration in a completely different way.

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