Jiawei Zhang

Jiawei ZhangDegree: B.S., Wuhan University

Entered Group: Fall, 2015 (Chemistry program)

Research Projects: Mechanistic Studies of Unusual Enzymatic Cyclization Reactions

Group Publications:

Zhang, J.; Fan, P.-H.; Lin, G.-M.; Chang, W.-C.; Liu, H.-w. “Recent Progress in the Biosynthesis of Carbohydrate-Containing Natural Products.” In Comprehensive Chemistry of Natural Product Chemistry, Liu, H-w.; Begley, T., Eds.; Elsvier: New York;. 2020, 336-392.

Wang, S.-A.; Lin, C.-I.; Zhang, J.; Ushimaru, R.; Sasaki, E.; Liu, H.-w. “Studies of Lincosamide Formation Complete the Biosynthetic Pathway for Lincomycin A.” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2020, 117, 24794-24801.