Past Events

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Rediscovering Fray Andres de San Miguel’s 17th-Century Manuscript through 3D Printing

National Library Week A-Thons 

Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) and Protecting Haitian Patrimony Initiative

Teaching Mexican American Studies through Local Archives and Community-Based Pedagogy

Web Mapping: Intro to ArcGIS Story Maps using Benson collections

Distant Viewing Posters from El Salvador’s Civil War

Multilingual Sentiment Analysis Workshop

The Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo Digital Archive: Historical Memory and Guatemala’s Disappeared


Topic Modeling Violence in Guatemala

(Digital) Methodology of the Oppressed: Decolonial Theory & US Latina/o Digital Humanities

Justice-Based Practices for Archives and Critical Digital Humanities

Analyzing Colombia’s Painful Memory with Voyant Tools

Building the Benson Collection: Analyzing Castañeda’s Social Network

Crowdsourcing or Collaboration?: Using Digital Tools to Promote Interdisciplinary Work

Mapping Images of Mexico’s 1910 Centenario

Mapping the Migration of 16th-Century Friars with Carto

Scraping and Transforming Research Data: The Case of Peña Nieto’s Tweets

Sharing and Publishing Research Data: Finding a “Forever Home” for Your Work

Visualizing Santa Anna’s Networks: Introduction to Gephi

Web Scraping Primary Sources from the Internet Archive

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