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Digital Humanities, Dead Languages, and Real-World Web Business, or, How Do I Get Ovid on Twitter?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Amanda Krauss, a learned Latinist, former professor of Classics, and current tech guru. You can also find it cross-posted on her blog Tech in Translation. I spent this weekend in Vancouver,

Two Candidates – One Accent

By Axel Bohmann, Erica Brozovsky, Salvatore Callesano, Noli Chew, Kirsten Meemann, Lars Hinrichs, and Patrick Schultz Texas English Linguistics Lab (TELL), The University of Texas at Austin 1 Introduction When judged by their policies, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump may

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The Evolution of a Politician’s Accent

Lars Hinrichs, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and associate of the Linguistics Research Center, is a specialist in English accents, with a particular interest in accents peculiar to Texas and other southern states. In particular Prof.

Vowel Power: Methods

Techniques used in our Study of the Texas Accent in Greg Abbott’s and Wendy Davis’s Speech by Lars Hinrichs, Axel Bohmann, and Erica Brozovsky Background When studying the speech of politicians, it is assumed that much of their linguistic performance

Vowel Power: Local Accents and Stylistic Versatility in the 2014 Race for Texas Governor

by Lars Hinrichs, Axel Bohmann, and Erica Brozovsky As Texas prepares for this year’s gubernatorial elections, we at the Texas English Project wondered: What role does language play in this campaign? Beginning with Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, the linguistic

The Second Amendment: Our Latinate Constitution

The Second Amendment, as written, really doesn't say anything about personal protection

The New Yorker recently posted a poignant and direct commentary by Jeffrey Toobin concerning popular understanding, or the lack thereof, of the Second Amendment to the Constitution: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state,

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