Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in becoming a graduate student on your team. Can you grant me admission?

Thank you for your interest in my team! We have a centralized graduate admissions process here at the University, so staff and faculty members have no control over who is admitted by the Graduate School.

However, please indicate that you’re interested in my team in your Statement of Purpose. Kathy McWilliams (mcwilliams@utexas.edu) is the graduate admissions contact person in the Civil Engineering department and can probably answer many of your questions.

If I’m an undergraduate student, can I take your graduate course?

Please obtain the appropriate form from the CE department and come see me to discuss.

If I’m a graduate student, can I take your undergraduate course?

Seats are typically limited in my undergraduate classes, but there’s a non-zero chance we can get you in. Please send me an email to discuss.

I’m an undergraduate student and really interested in getting involved in research. Do you have any opportunities available for me?

We have all sorts of projects going on that could use an undergraduate’s help. Typically, these commitments range anywhere between 5-10 hours/week. If you’re interested, please send me or Carolina cbaumanis@utexas.edu an email to inquire about current opportunities.

I’ve taken your class before and I’m looking for a Grader position. Do you have any positions available for me?

I sometimes have a grader position available in the Spring semester. If you’re interested, please let me or Carolina cbaumanis@utexas.edu know.



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