Carolina Baumanis

Hello there!

I’m thrilled to be Dr. Machemehl’s go-to person as his research program manager, and my role is all about making things run smoothly while adding a touch of creativity. From keeping projects on track and diving into data crunching to organizing our UT-CTR Alumni and Friends TRB Annual Reception, and providing guidance to Dr. Machemehl’s talented students, you can count on me for a little bit of everything.

Let me share a little about myself and what makes me tick. Growing up in different countries has gifted me with a deep love for embracing diverse cultures and connecting with people from around the world. This background has ignited my passion for collaborating with individuals of various backgrounds, adding a unique flair to our team’s dynamic.

My academic journey spans Geophysics and Civil Engineering, with a focus on Transportation. This blend of technical know-how and out-of-the-box thinking equips me to tackle challenges in creative ways. From safety to traffic operations, I’ve been fortunate to work on a range of projects that have honed my versatile skill set. I’m a curious soul, always up for cracking complex problems with fresh and innovative solutions. Oh, and did I mention? I’m fluent in Spanish too! This adds an extra dimension to my interactions, allowing me to connect with folks from even more corners of the globe.

Whether I’m knee-deep in hands-on experiments, wrangling intricate datasets, or engaging with stakeholders, my ultimate goal is to pave the way for positive change in society.

I’m not just a team supervisor; I’m also invested in Team Machemehl students’ progress. Feel free to reach out anytime with your questions!

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