Work in Dr. Maniruzzaman’s lab focuses on pharmaceutical process engineering, continuous manufacturing and 3D printing of medicines. Additional projects focus on 3D bioprinting of scaffolds and smart medical implants as well as ultra-portable drug delivery devices.

  1. Pharmaceutical manufacturing via Hot-melt Extrusion and process engineering
  2. Additive Manufacturing via 3D printing and bioprinting of scaffolds and smart medical implants
  3. Continuous co-crystallisations/ manufacturing/ PAT
  4. Taste masking of bitter APIs for paediatric drug delivery
  5. Engineering of novel polymeric filaments for medical implants and nano-composites


  • Innovative 3D printing technologies for pharmaceutical dosage forms and advanced drug delivery

  • 3D bioprinting of novel biomaterials for tissue engineering

  • Sensors and smart biomaterials 

  • Continuous manufacturing and process engineering of pharmaceuticals/ medical devices

  • Dielectric heating for on-demand manufacturing of dosage forms