Painting Midsummer in Harlem by Palmer Heyden
Palmer Heyden. Midsummer in Harlem, 1938. UThe UT Art & Art History Visual Resources Collection.


The Tones of Inequality How the Latin American Songs, Rhythms, Music, and Movies Express the Social Inequality, Exclusion and Injustice (UGS 303 – Signature Course) – Introductory course on Latin American history, society, demography, economy, political system, and culture.

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Measuring Racial Inequality introduces the students to the main methods of calculation and interpretation of indexes of socioracial inequality and segregation. The course includes the statistical development of these indexes and a reflection on how these approaches dialogue with social theory and problems of currents societies all over the world.

Painting Carnival at Lapa Archway by Heitor dos Prazeres
Heitor dos Prazeres. Carnaval no Arco da Lapa, 1961. The UT Art & Art History Visual Resources Collection.
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