Author: Joshua Busby

Energy Symposium Presentation on Climate Mitigation and India

Sarang Shidore and I in May 2016 recently presented our findings of our research on sectoral climate mitigation in India. We are going to be using this blog more to talk about our work in this space. We are joined

Final Project Presentation April 22

The IPCC Working Group III Report on Climate Mitigation in 11 Tweets

The IPCC released the Working Group III summary report for policymakers on Sunday. I wrote about the Working Group II report on impacts on The Monkey Cage. Working Group III covers climate mitigation, that is the challenges of reducing greenhouse gases. Tonight, I read

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Can China Get a Handle on Pollution? What Does that Mean for Climate Change?

In the northern city of Harbin, China, air quality was so bad ten days ago that concentrations of particulate matter reportedly reached 1000 micrograms per cubic meter at their peak, exceeding the World Health Organization’s daily safe levels by a factor of

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Welcome to the Blog

The aim of this blog is to present the interim research from a policy research project , a signature year-long course in the Master’s in Global Policy Studies program from the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Contributors will include the

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