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Challenges of a Growing Population: China

By 2030, The Economist projects 1 billion Chinese, or 70 percent of the population, will live in urban centers compared to 50 percent in 2014. This presents a great challenge to the cause. In an effort to spread out the

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The Future of Rail in The United States

The United States is at a crossroads in terms of its relationship with rail as a viable transportation option. With road traffic contributing to the vast majority of transportation emissions in the United States, there is no time like the

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China’s High-Speed Rail Subsidies

China has spent more than half a trillion dollars on building the world’s largest high-speed rail network system.[1] This system has revolutionized the way business is done by dramatically lowering the time and cost of getting around the country. Additionally,

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Arctic black carbon, maritime trade, and ECA mitigation potential

  BLACK CARBON AND THE ARCTIC The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, an alarming fact that has the potential to accelerate sea-level rise, disrupt Arctic ecosystems, and upset ocean circulation patterns. The

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Meetings with EU Environmental Experts

During a trip to Brussels in October, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Noriko Fujiwara from the Center for European Policy Studies, as well as Peter Zapfel, head of policy coordination in DG Climate Action at the European

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