2020 Spring Swings Coed Sand Volleyball Tournament

2020 Spring Swings Coed Sand Volleyball Tournament

Join us for the inaugural code sand tournament hosted by your own UT Men’s Volleyball Club!

Quick Details

When: April 25th 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Where: Wright-Whitaker Sports Complex – Sand Volleyball Courts
Who: You and your friends! Minimum of 4 people per team and a maximum of 6.
How: Register your team here


Play will be conducted according to the UT sand volleyball intramural rules for 4v4 coed sand volleyball excluding the coed rule (if two consecutive contacts are made by males/females, the third must be made by a female/male). Pool play games will be self-refereed and all bracket play games will be refereed by volunteers.

Each team will get 10 minutes to warm-up for their first game of the day and 5 minutes to warm-up for each game afterward. Warm-up begins immediately after the preceding game finishes, regardless if team members are missing. Warm-up times will be enforced by tournament directors/volunteers through the use of timers. Teams can warm-up however they choose but are limited to one side of the court unless the opposing team agrees to share/forfeit their warm-up.

Four pools of four teams. Pool play will consist of each team playing the others in their pool. A pool play match will consist of one game to 15, switching every 5 points with a time-limit of 30 minutes. If teams are tied after the 30-minute time-limit, one more point will be played to decide the game.

Following pool play, the top two teams from each pool will seed the Gold Bracket and the bottom two teams will seed the Silver Bracket. Bracket play will consist of one game to 21, switching every 7 points with a time-limit of 45 minutes. If teams are tied after the 45-minute time-limit, one more point will be played to decide the game.

The Championship game for each bracket will consist of one game to 21, no cap, with freeze scoring (when one team reaches 20 points, side-out scoring takes effect – see here) and no time-limit.

Other Musings

  • The tournament is limited to 16 teams – first come, first served
  • A minimum of 2 female players must be on the court at all times.
  • Teams may play with 3 people but will lose a point and the serve after each complete rotation for the “ghost player”.
  • Players may substitute from any position in the rotation, but only same-sex substitutions are allowed (female for female; male for male)
  • Late teams will lose one point per minute up to ten minutes. After ten minutes, the team will be forced to forfeit for a score of 0 – 15 (pool play) or 0 – 21 (bracket).
  • In the event of poor weather, the tournament directors have the right to re-organize as they see fit to include as much play per team as possible.
  • If the event has to be canceled, teams will be reimbursed for their entry fee.