Beverly Chukwu

Bev Chukwu is a Nigerian American writer and producer. She is an MFA candidate and fellowship holder at UT Austin’s James A. Michener Center for Writers, where she studies screenwriting and fiction. Before starting her MFA, Bev satisfied her writing “itch” by performing personal stories at live storytelling events and teaching workshops for creative nonprofits, such as Latinitas and Austin Bat Cave. From 2017 to 2018, she was an episode writer for New Sky Kids, a kid-friendly YouTube Channel that allowed her to utilize her love for writing and interrogating childlike points of view. Shortly after, she was a personal assistant for local and LA-based producer Kristen Mann, a job that entailed writing coverage for green-lit scripts, a skill she now uses as a writing coach and freelance script reader.

Bev has produced both pre-recorded and live shows, including the first TEDx South Congress event in Austin. Her latest producing project, “Cleanse,” has screened at festivals, such as Cine Las Americas and Out on Film, Atlanta’s LGBTQIA Festival. An excerpt of her novel in progress, “Of Broken Things,” was published in Vol. 2 of the “I Scream Social Anthology,” and her feature “Prince of Lavendale Street” was a finalist in the 2021 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices competition as well as a second-rounder for the 2021 Sundance Development Track. “Prince of Lavendale Street” was named Feature Winner in the 2021 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

Bev’s special skill is that she has been called a “tear-jerker machine”— she can look at any one scene and figure out some way to draw out the emotion in it. Oftentimes, that means tears — lots of tears.