Erik Holland

Erik joins the Moody Writing Support Program this fall as the new associate director.  Originally from Northern California, Erik holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California and a master’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge.  With a background in competitive speech and debate, Erik has a particular love for research and writing of a persuasive nature.  As a scholar in the field of rhetoric, his research focuses on the rhetorical form(s) and function(s) of Black (American) popular culture.  Since moving to Austin in 2012, Erik has taught (or assisted in teaching) courses in communication at UT, Texas State, and Austin Community College.  He looks forward to the opportunity to serve the students of Moody College via this invaluable program.

In his free time, Erik enjoys consuming popular culture of all forms and is an avid sports fan.  He also keeps fit by playing on multiple, competitive adult kickball teams.

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