Garret Kurteff

Garret Kurteff is a fourth-year doctoral student in SLHS under the mentorship of Dr. Liberty Hamilton. Garret received their bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, double-majoring in linguistics and psychology. They found their way into the world of SLHS through a post-baccalaureate research position in a neurosurgery lab at UC San Francisco, studying how people recover from language impairment after tumor and epilepsy surgery. In the Hamilton Lab at UT, they study the neuroscience of speech production, how speech production and speech perception interact, and how these processes are represented neurally using computational techniques. They hope their doctoral research can benefit the development of brain-computer interfaces for people with communication disorders and hope to stay in academia after grad school as a clinician-scientist to help build these devices. Garret is also teaching CSD/LIN 350 this semester (Language and the Brain) and in their free time likes climbing, playing Magic: The Gathering, and spending time with their cat, Cherry, and dog, Willow.

At the Moody Writing Support Program, Garret likes to use one-on-one time with students to help your writing —be it clinical, academic or a personal statement — match the “big picture” of your intent by helping you articulate your goal then fine-tuning your writing via close editing to help you translate that goal to paper.