journalismgraphicFrom ledes to nut grafs to AP style, journalism writing can sometimes feel like a foreign language. But our journalism coaches are fluent, and we have experience taking J school classes and working for media publications. We’re here to help you brainstorm pitches, come up with interview questions, write a lede or revise a draft, and we offer support at any stage of the writing process. Book an appointment with our team, or check out our helpful resource section. You’ll be versed in the language of journalism in no time.


Writing Resources:

Brainstorming and Developing Story Ideas 

Setting Internal Deadlines for Stories/Projects 

Proofreading for Sentence-Level Revision

What’s a Pitch? 

Organizing After the Reporting

Creating a story Plan for Reporting

Understanding Ledes and Nut graphs

Journalistic Writing Template

Preventing and detecting plagiarism

How to Be an Editor Workshop 

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grammar usage review

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Poynter Institute

Aiming for the Top


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