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Texas ASE/EM On the Move

After 50 years occupying the W.R. Woolrich Laboratories building (WRW) at the corner of 24th Street and Speedway, aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics in the Cockrell School of Engineering will move to a larger, newly renovated home on The University of Texas at Austin campus in late 2018. “I look forward to continuing to develop a […]

Moriba Jah: Space Junk(ie)

Getting accustomed to watching Scooby Doo in Spanish was the least of Moriba Jah’s (’99, ERAU Prescott Campus) challenges at age 6. Moving from California to Venezuela multiplied the typical new kid troubles, and Jah endured more than his share of childhood bullying as a result. “I was a foreigner and learning a new language. […]

ASTRIAGraph, the very first RDF-based Knowledge Graph for Space Traffic monitoring, is now live as a demo!

RDF-based knowledge graphs are the power behind so-called Semantic Web Technology, where entities are represented as “triples” (i.e. subject-predicate-object). These semantic triples are the engine that enables big data science and analytics. We now represent space objects in “triples” instead of a traditional database or catalog and this will enable our community to “go from […]

Space is the next frontier for environmentalism

There is a lot of debris orbiting Earth. And if we don’t do anything about it, we will see an increase in collisions to the detriment of space operations, space commerce and space exploration. More here…