Guest Artist Spotlight: Patdro Harris


Patdro Harris is a director, choreographer and writer. He is well-known around the world for his innovative and creative talents, which have led him to win a Drammy Award for Best Choreography in 2002 and the Dance Ministry Magazine’s Trailblazer Award for Dance Choreographer of the Year in 2007. Formerly a choreographer and lead dancer for Stevie Wonder, Harris now spends his time working on projects across the U.S.

When asked what made him want to go into theatre, Harris said he used to perform around the house with his brother and he has always loved music, but a college instructor made a career in the arts seem possible.

“I didn’t plan to be a performance artist, didn’t know I could be,” said Harris. “My college instructor encouraged me that this could be a viable career direction. I’ve been hook[ed] ever since.”

Since then Harris has gone to serve as a choreographer, artistic consultant, and movement director for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The Kennedy Center, The National Black Theatre Festival, Portland Center Stage, Broadway’s Royal Theatre and more. He enjoys new work that allows him “to take a journey inside people’s stories” and “causes our communities to have conversations that push us to make life better.”

He is currently working on Ain’t Misbehavin’ for the Syracuse Stage in Syracuse, New York, Simply Simone for the Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta, Georgia and The Ensemble Theatre in Houston, Texas, and The Wiz for The Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Patdro Harris is an Alabama State University alum and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He believes “you can gain something helpful from the process even when it seems like you’re in a bad situation.”

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