Guest Artist Spotlight: Andrew Kircher


Andrew Kircher is a dramaturg, creative producer and the Associate Director of Devised Theater at The Public Theater in New York.

Kircher has worked on an array of new work, which include Gob Squad’s Kitchen, Guillermo Calderón’s Neva, The Debate Society’s Blood Play, Saori Tsukada’s Club Diamond, Lars Jan’s The Institute of Memory and many many more. He is currently working on The Fever by 600 HighwaymenThe Fever explores human connection and disconnection, and the notion that friendliness can be contagious. There is only one row of seating for the audience in order to incorporate the audience in the piece. 

“I am excited by work that is made without preconceived notions of form, medium, best practices, or professional designations,” said Kircher. “It is rare to find such authentic work, but when you do, it is unimpeachable. Be it good or bad, it is necessary.” 

When asked when he knew he wanted to live a life in the theatre and what planted the seed, Kircher responded by saying his “mother enrolled [him] in an after-school program with the School of Performing Arts and Cultural Education (SPACE), which was wonderfully political and wildly experimental. [He] was 8, and [has] known since then what [he] expects of the theater, and what it should expect from [him].”

Andrew Kircher has an M.A. in Theatre History from Brooklyn College and is pursuing a PhD at the CUNY Graduate Center. He believes working in the arts always feels “like you’re at the start of your career.”

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