Guest Artist Spotlight: Anu Naimpally


Global citizen, dancer, choreographer, artistic director, performer. Those are only a few words that describe Anu Naimpally. Naimpally’s dream of becoming a dancer began at the young age of 13 after she saw a performance that incorporated traditional live Bharatanatyam music. Something in the sound of the drum resonated deep within her and she was hooked.

She is now the Artistic Director of Austin Dance India where she teaches classes and directs diverse cultural projects, but she doesn’t stop there. According to the Austin Dance India website, Naimpally “conducts assembly performances on Indian dance and culture in Central Texas schools and libraries” because she is passionate about arts in education. She is currently working on Girl Power!, a project that brings together diverse artistic elements to bring awareness to female empowerment and community advancement. Naimpally, along with her students, presented this piece last October, but she is planning on taking it further with professional dancers.

If Naimpally could go back in time and give herself any advice, she said she would tell herself not to “let anything or anyone say [she] can’t do something.” She believes “if you work hard with good intentions, the universe will respond.”

Naimpally has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Canada. She has been named Best Dancer by the Austin Area Critics’ Circle in 2001, and several of her performances have won awards.

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