Guest Artist Spotlight: Malgorzata Komorowska

Malgorzata Komorowska is a painter and stage designer from Poland. She has been working as a set and costume designer for productions in Poland and other countries, and for the past few years she has also devoted her time to painting.

When asked about what kind of new work excites her, Komorowska was straight to the point and shared that she enjoys new paintings and writing.

Komorowska was a student of Richard Isackes, who is currently the professor of Design and Technology in the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin. Professor Isackes is bringing in Komorowska to serve as a guest artist for the Cohen New Works Festival.

Komorowska attended Jagiellonian University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, where she worked for many years. She also graduated also from the University of Illinois.

If she could go back in time and give herself any advice at the beginning of her career, Komorowska said she would tell herself “listen to yourself and pay attention to [your] inner feelings.”

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