Guest Artist Spotlight: Jim Findlay


Jim Findlay is a director, designer, writer and creator. He is a founding member of the Collapsable Giraffe and the music/media performance company, Accinosco/Cynthia Hopkins.

He is currently working on a performance ritual, Vine of the Dead, which will be performed at the Fusebox Festival April 13-15. Findlay shared with us a little bit about his current project.

“It’s a piece that explores the place and meaning of ritual in the 21st century by attempting to communicate across the divide between life and death,” shared Findlay. “In a series of 11 rituals, the performance channels personal experiences of death and transcendence while exploring the spirituality of skepticism.” 

Findlay began making things from a young age. He’s explored drawing, music, and visual arts before deciding to try performance. He shared with us that he has no idea why he got into theatre, but he does know that he didn’t find anything else interesting.

We asked Findlay what kind of new work excites him, and he said he is interested in new work that shows him something he hasn’t seen done in the same way before. He also enjoys pieces that show “a new perspective, a new tactic, a new texture, a new mistake [or] a new mess.” 

If he could go back in time and give himself a piece of advice he would tell himself, “being an artist isn’t a career, it’s a calling, so don’t worry about [the] career. Just keep making stuff, find interesting people around [you] who also make stuff, [and] share all that stuff.” 

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