Who Runs the Festival?

The Cohen New Works Festival presented by Broadway Bank is entirely student run! It’s what makes it unique and especially empowering.

The 2017 Executive Committee did a tremendous job opening and closing the 2017 festival! Check them out below!

If you are interested in being a part of the Executive Committee for the 2019 Cohen New Works Festival, interviews take place in the Spring of 2018. Contact the producers@newworksfestival.org for information about getting involve in the future! Onward to 2019!

The 2017 Executive Committee (Excomm)

The Executive Committee (EXCOMM) is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students and the Producers who are responsible for the planning and implementation of the 2015 New Works Festival.

Producers: Quetta Carpenter, Rusty Cloyes, Liz Engleman, Kirk Lynn & Lawrence Bennett
Quetta Carpenter Rusty CloyesLiz EnglemanKirk Lynn
The Producers oversee all aspects of the festival with the help of the Assistant to the Producers.

Assistant to the Producers: Megan Tabaque

Megan Tabeque

The Assistant to the Producers acts as a liaison between the Festival producers and the Executive Committee to strategize, organize, and oversee all aspects of making the Festival a reality. This position includes planning and facilitating meetings with the EXCOMM and Committee-at-Large, overseeing and participating in application selection, assisting in the coordination of production schedules, and maintaining Festival archives for future use.

Production Manager: Kailey Nunley
Asst. Production Manager: Dack Justiz
Kailey NunleyDack Justiz
The Production Manager will coordinate all rehearsal and performance schedules and track all production budgets, as well as recruit, train, and supervise all venue managers and running crews for each performance space.

Technical Director: Reed Neal
Asst. Technical Directors: Ashton Murphy, Shimshon Zeevi
Reed Neal Ashton Murphy Shimshon Zeevi
The Assistant Technical Directors will supervise and provide support for all performance spaces prior to and during the Festival in order to help create a productive, effective, and safe environment for all involved.

Information and Technology Chair: Grayson Rosato
Grayson Rosato

The IT Chair will facilitate all things technology, including but not limited to managing the New Works Festival website, creating a managing festival app, facilitating the online Festival selection process, and creating a ticketing system for the week of the Festival.

Applications Co-Chairs: Hannah Wolf & Claire Stephen

Hannah Wolf Claire Stephen
The Applications Committee collaborates to form the best application and application process possible for the Festival. The Co-Chairs will answer any and all questions relating to the applications for The Cohen New Works Festival.

Marketing & Public Relations Co-Chairs: Kimberly Belflower, Kamyle Smith & Lizzette Chapa
Kimberley Belflower Kamyle Smith

The Marketing and Public Relations Co-Chairs are responsible for the overall branding and image of The Cohen New Works Festival. The Co-Chairs create a long-range marketing plan and schedule that coordinates all press coverage, social media attention, and marketing materials for events leading up to and during the Festival.

Guest Artist Co-Chairs: Graham Schmidt & Kelsey Vidic
Assistant Guest Artists Chair: Kevin Poole
Kelsey Vidic Graham Schmidt

The Guest Artist Chair is in charge of booking working professionals in similar fields as the pieces being presented at The Cohen New Works Festival. The Chair will make sure that all Festival guests receive the highest quality of treatment so that they may enjoy the Festival and provide feedback and perspective for the student artists.

Events Co-Chairs: Lilly Stafford and Natalie Laboda
Natalie Laboda

The Events Committee Co-Chairs are responsible for organizing, planning, and hosting all events affiliated with the Festival including but not limited to: the Go! Grant Announcement, the Go! Grant Showcase, NWF Kick-Off Party, major Festival Week Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and Guest Artist Receptions. This position is responsible for arranging all logistics regarding each event including but not limited to invitations, decorations, food, and coordination between parties.

Engaging Research Co-Chairs: Samantha Provenzano, EL Hohn & Anna Ingram
Sam ProvenzanoEL Hohn  Anna Ingram

The Engaging Research Co-Chairs will create programing that reflects on the multiple ways that we engage in research and foster new practices of engagement that further promote critical inquiry and collaboration across disciplines.